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Don’t Let Your Neighbors Expand the Use of Their Easements by Prescription

Easements Generally An easement allows one party to use the land of another party for a particular purpose.  Easements can be created in California in a variety of ways: by written agreement, by implication, by necessity, by equity, and, also, by prescription — adverse, notorious, open, and continuous use without the permission of the landowner […]

California Foreclosure Process Explained

Over the past few years I’ve counseled hundreds of “upside down” homeowners facing foreclosure. Not so much recently, but a few years ago, the usual situation involved a big-bank talking the talk but not walking the talk of a short sale or loan modification, and in the end foreclosing ‑‑ taking the property ‑‑ even with a borrower/homeowner willing […]

Prescriptive Easement Law (Boringly) Clarified

Most of you have heard of a prescriptive easement. This interesting legal theory often comes into play when one property owner inadvertently builds over the property line of a neighbor or when a driveway or path has been used over someone else’s property. Can the encroachment or use of the path or driveway ever become […]

Buy a Home in Foreclosure at Your Peril

It’s fair to say that most of us like a good deal. There’s nothing wrong with that. One potentially good deal you should be very careful about:  buying a home in foreclosure. Whether trying to help a friend in foreclosure or looking to buy a home in foreclosure on the cheap, beware. HOME IN FORECLOSURE […]

The Bulwer-Lytton Writing Contest Winners

As you faithful readers, if any, recall, we annually present a handful of our favorite Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest winners, and here is a sampling. The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest is named after novelist Edward George Earl Bulwer-Lytton who wrote many famous novels including “Paul Gifford” which started with the immortal words, “It was a dark and […]

Lawsuit Over Plan to Relocate Historic Courthouse in Placerville

Today’s column, sports fans, is about Placerville, aka Hangtown, a historic foothill community, in many ways like Truckee and Tahoe City. HISTORIC COURTHOUSE Placerville’s historic downtown courthouse, built in 1912 and renovated in 1971, is part of El Dorado County’s four courtrooms, two located downtown and two located in a County administrative complex. The California […]

General Contractor Payment of Subcontractor Employees

Holiday Season To Do List For General Contractors: 1) Trim The Tree; 2) Buy Gifts for Family; 3) Enter Into All Pending Contracts With Subcontractors Before January 1, 2018 On October 14, 2017, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 1701 into law.  AB 1701 requires general contractors to pay the unpaid wages of their subcontractors’ […]

Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder Causes Cancer?

How many of you use Johnson’s Baby Talcum Powder? I know my mom was big on Baby Powder when we were infants. My soft little buns saw plenty of Baby Powder, I still feel it sprinkled on my baby behind. I also know you can find Johnson’s Baby Powder on the shelves in most supermarkets. […]

California’s Cannabis Regulations Released

Cannabis is California’s new green crop – green in every sense of the word – green plants and greenbacks. Studies show that legal weed sales are expected to grow in North America by 26% a year through 2021, nearly a $22 billion market. And that may be low. CALIFORNIA CANNABIS ACT In June, Governor Jerry […]