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Skip the Skittles?

2022-10-28T16:13:42-07:00October 28, 2022|

            Halloween is here. Ghosts, ghouls, and gluttons abound. Copious amounts of candy will be devoured in the coming days. A tradition with deleterious health effects. Save the children, save yourselves. Carrots, not candy. Let that be your trick-or-treat mantra. ...

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2022-10-17T08:13:01-07:00October 17, 2022|

            Ballots for the November 8th election have been mailed, and I am fielding inquiries from folks wondering when my annual election column will be published. Be careful what you wish for.             This year we are combining in one column a few statewide matters ...

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The Electric Vehicle Parking Spot Conundrum

2022-09-12T17:00:18-07:00September 9, 2022|

           Labor Day weekend in Truckee/Lake Tahoe is over. Take a deep breath. The Tesla caravan has rolled west, joining the alkaline-shined Burning Man jalopies. A confluence of debutantes and the dusty. A true California congregation, if ever there was one. ...

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Don’t Mess with the Moonwalkers

2022-08-26T09:20:58-07:00August 26, 2022|

            Michael Joseph Jackson. The King of Pop. A legend with a fan base that rivals that of the Holy Trinity in sheer numbers. More famous than the Mona Lisa. A voice recognized worldwide…maybe some liberties are being taken here, ...

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2022-08-05T09:08:23-07:00August 5, 2022|

            Gift certificates are big business. Some studies show that up to one-half of Christmas gifts come in the form of gift cards or certificates.             Given the choice, would you rather have a gift certificate to your favorite store ...

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