When the stakes are high, our trial lawyers kick in

Resolving contested disputes is serious business. Whether it is in the state or federal courts in California or Nevada, through private Arbitration, or in the context of dispute resolution by mediation, our Trial Practice Group thoroughly reviews, analyzes and aggressively represents our clients’ claims.The goal is straightforward: Achieve the best possible result for our clients — and where permitted by law, recover client expenditures incurred arriving at the result. Every case is guided by a universal strategy: Preparation using cost effective methods.By properly understanding the unique nature of our clients’ circumstances and defining the outcomes desired in advance; our case preparation is focused and our strategies are developed to maximize obtaining the best verdict, judgment, or settlement in our clients’ favor.

Accident / Injury Practice

Our accident and personal injury lawyers undertake the representation of injured persons and those who have lost loved ones due to another’s negligence, on arrangements where no fee is paid unless, and until, the case is favorably resolved.  Our firm advances payment for the costs of prosecuting the case up front and arranges for consultants and experts where necessary. Knowledge of the applicable law on each case we accept, the process, procedure, and court systems involved, and the approach which the defense takes in resisting liability, all contribute to our track record of recovering millions of dollars in compensation for injured clients.  Our consultations and case evaluations are FREE and our response time immediate.  Call us to discuss your case.

Civil Litigation Practice

Sometimes serious disputes require resolution by a judge or jury. When litigation is involved, Porter Simon Means Business. Our experienced trial lawyers and trial preparation teams approach litigation with innovative strategies crafted for a singular goal — Results. Lawsuits are our business; the lawyers of the Civil Litigation Practice are here to litigate for you or your business.

Mediation / Arbitration Practice

Mediation and Arbitration comprise the most utilized method of dispute resolution. The process is quicker, easier, less expensive, and in most cases, binding and final without review or appeal. Attorneys Lou Basile and Jim Simon have provided exceptional mediation and arbitration services to the greater Tahoe-Truckee region for over 25 years, usually on referral from judges and attorneys. For matters that call for alternative dispute resolution, the lawyers of Porter Simon’s Mediation / Arbitration Practice are here to provide experienced and innovative guidance to facilitate resolution of any size dispute.

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